Thursday, October 15, 2015

Our Cast in Europe

From right to left: Britannia, Odinland, Swedish Invasion, Res Lucia, Roman Empire, Bank of Da World, We Don't Need Boats, Order of Balts and Slavs

Europe, the center of the Renaissance, is populated by many great kingdoms and respected republics

To the North, on the isle of Britannia, a new king has risen, tearing the old realm of Cumbria apart.
The Swedes have divided, those true to the old faith have ejected the unfaithful to make their own fate.

Southwards, the republic of Res Lucia leads a mighty crusade on the heathens of the dark continent.
The Italians have united, reveling in their lands past they have thrown off the shackles of the "Not So Holy Empire" and formed a grand republic to return the glory they sullied many centuries ago .
A band of merchants had united on the islands of Venice to make a gilded republic, but due to many years of mismanagement and corruption they have descended into despotism.
The grand duke of WDNB had sat idly by for years, but now the electors have crowned him emperor, perhaps in face of unrest in the faith, maybe he will be able to hold the confederation together in the throes of the reformation.

In the East the Order leads another crusade into the harsh steppes, but how far will their cause go? Will their alliance with the Dark Empire hold?

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Our Cast in Africa

From right to left, BATMAN (Aka the hero we deserve, and also the one we need)

Is there much to say? We have a reclusive Jewish theocracy lurking in South Africa. Maybe he will be the hero the world needs, the one who can stand up to the great foe, or maybe he will fall as many others inevitably will.

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Our Cast in Asia

Listed from right to left: Mallorea, The Vandals, top: New Ayuthayya bottom: El Spuds, Anqing (non-player nation), Ergen

In the far East the Coalition of Asian Awesomeness (CAA) slowly chip at the waning nation of Anqing, unaware of the shadow rising from the West.

In the Mid-East Mallorea weeps under the shadow of death, surrounded and with the saddest fate, a world with no clays to claim.


Make of The Vandals shape what you will, be it a tentacle or a wave crashing down on the unwarry

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Our cast in The New World

Listed from right to left: Santa Fe, Videkland, The Free States of Bohemia, and Valhalla. A notable appearance by the tentacle of the amorphous blob known as "The Vandals"

The beautiful members of the New World Club have assembled on friendly(ish) terms for what very well may be the last time, so long as a greater threat fails to arise *looks at the darkness beyond the horizon*

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Monday, October 12, 2015

Europa Universalis 4: Rps Sunday Campaign Week 4

Valhalla Week 4 

This is a picture meant to represent the first of the settlers of  Valhalla (my nation in the campaign)

My nation after being driven out of Europe by the barbaric Cumbrians has traveled long and hard (not really that long in the scheme of things) to the New World, to start a new Norse state, free from the Cult of the Dead God, this great escape would never have been possible without the generous donations of the Vandals, Romans, and World Bankers

The campaign meets every Sunday at 13:30 Central (19:30 BST), and is organised through the RPS forums
If interested follow this link to the sub-forum, as of posting we still have room for new players.!-Sunday-Campaign

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